Division B and C
State Tournaments
April 7, 8 2017


State Tournament Information

UPDATE 4-10:

Medford is 2017 Wisconsin Science Olympiad Division C State Champion

Each and every year the tournament directors for the Wisconsin Science Olympiad Div. C State Tournament meet early on Sunday morning to reflect on the tournament and discuss any issues and talk about ways to continually improve the tournament experience. During this meeting, we also go through all of the score cards and confirm that scores were properly entered into Avogadro. It is also normal for us to address any specific concerns brought to our attention from the coaches of Science Olympiad after the Award Ceremony. A question on Chemistry Lab was brought to our attention this year after the Award Ceremony. Upon looking at the exams, it was discovered that one of the scores was wrongly entered into Avogadro. The correct score moved the Medford team from 17th place to 2nd place in Chemistry Lab. We were all shocked.  We had not experienced a data entry mistake like this before.  We have a system in place that requires a triple check of the score entry with at least two people, usually three. After recognizing the mistake, we decided to go through all of the events and exams to confirm data entry. We found no other errors.  

As an organization we believe and practice in fairness and integrity. We decided that the fair thing to do was to award the 2nd place score to the students in Chem Lab for Medford and adjust their team score accordingly.  The correct entry of the event score now places Medford at a team score of 98 and Menomonie at 110.  Medford is the 2017 Wisconsin Science Olympiad Division C State Champion. Congratulations to them on their outstanding performance!  We are extremely sorry to the students and coaches of Menomonie and our Science Olympiad community for making this mistake. We are already in discussions related to our process so that this type of error is not repeated.

UPDATE 3-23: Schedule with Rooms, Room Pictures and Campus Map
UPDATE 4-1: Team Homerooms

UPDATE 3-5: Qualifying Teams and Team Numbers

Avogadro access now open, coaches can select their team events and begin to enter competing students. 
(Contact Venitia Sequeira with questions on Avogadro)

At Avogado, Qualifying teams must have their 23 competing events and audits events chosen by 5:00 pm Tuesday, March 14th.  Self-Scheduling for Qualifying teams will open at 7:00 am on Tuesday, March 14th. 

Exhibition Teams will be able to start Self-Schedule at 7:00 am on Friday, March 17th.

Self-schedule will close at 5:00 pm on Friday, March 31st for all teams.

NOTE on Self-Scheduling: The time blocks for self-scheduling will be one-hour in length and will match the time time block of the other events.  However, Bottle Rocket will be run mostly in the morning, with the last time-block running from 1-1:30 pm.

EVEnt Details

Engelmann Hall Dimensions: 80' x 80' with a 20' ceiling
Hovercraft track pictures can be seen here.
Mystery Design parameters

See important Additional Information below schedule.

Additional State Tournament Information


Team Qualification: Teams qualify for the 2016-2017 Wisconsin Science Olympiad State Tournament by meeting the following criteria:

Criterion 1: The Team must participate at a WSO Regional Tournament in their assigned geographic Region. Participating means they must enter a minimum of 10 events at that Regional Tournament.
Criterion 2: Each Team must provide at least one (1) Regional Event Supervisor, and the necessary materials, equipment, exams, and personnel, for at least one (1) event at the Regional Tournament.
Criterion 3: The Team must place in the top 50 medal count for all Regional Tournaments to be eligible to compete at the Div C State Tournament. Counting of medals proceeds as follows: Medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze as a whole) will be counted by excluding multiple teams from schools to establish the 50 State Qualifying Teams.  Medal count ties are broken by the following two criteria in order: (1) Greater number of competing events. (2) Best performance in competing events (e.g, greatest number of 4th place rankings). This criterion will be applied to establish the 50 Team maximum roster at State, only if necessary. Each school will be offered an invite for only one team to participate in the pool of 50 teams. Multiple teams from schools that meet the other State Qualifying Criteria will be offered to compete as an Exhibition Team in which students will be eligible for individual medals at State. Schools that meet the State Qualifying Criteria, but do not make the pool of 50 teams, will also be offered an invite to participate as an Exhibition Team in which students are eligible for medals. The number of teams to receive invites as Exhibition Teams is dependent on availability of space in the State Tournament schedule. Any elimination of Exhibition teams will be based on the Qualification Criteria. Exhibition teams may also be limited in their event choices at the State Tournament.

Selection of Events: Each Team must balance their chosen 23 events from the 5 Science Olympiad categories. Each Team will choose 4 or 5 events from each category to reach a total of 23 events. 

Auditing of Events: Teams may choose to Audit events in which they are not competing.  These events are eligible for duplicate medals. Students beyond the standard team of 15 may participate in Audit events.

Tournament Awards: Individual medals will be provided for the top 6 places in each event. Exhibition and Audit teams will be provided duplicate place medals. The top six teams will be awarded team trophies and coaches plaques.

Exhibition Teams: These teams can be thought of as an "Open" team. The individuals on these teams are eligible for awards, but the team score is not relevant. These teams can have any combination and numbers of freshmen, sophomores, junior and seniors. These teams can have any number of team members. However, there is a limited number of spaces in many events, so Exhibition Teams may be limited in their choices.

Multiple Teams from Schools Scheduling Note: All teams from a school must compete in the same time-slot for events, with the exception of the following events:

Electric Vehicle, Helicopters, Robot Arm and Towers

 Note for Hovercraft and WIFI Lab, Exhibition Teams must follow Competing Teams.

Students may participate on only one team.