Avogadro is the tournament management software utilized by all tournaments in Wisconsin. 

Quick Link: Avogadro

General Avogadro Steps:

Step 1: Register an account if needed, accounts do carry over from previous years: Avogadro
Step 2: Tournament directors will assign you access to the tournament through Avogadro. If you have created a new account, be sure to share your username with your tournament director.
Step 3: Follow any instructions from your Tournament Director on scheduling of events or entering of students names.

Additional Steps for State Tournament

Step 4: Select 23 of 28 events for Team Score by 7:00 am March 1, 2019
Step 5: Sign-up for Self-Schedule Events: Standard Teams opens at 7:00 am March 1st, Exhibition Teams opens at 7:00 am March 8th, both close 7:00 am March 12th.
Step 6: Enter student names for events by March 14th. NOTE: Student names must be entered to enable teams to self-schedule the Stout Expo events.

Kaleigh can assist with Avogadro Questions at the UW-Stout 2019 State Tournament.

Support Documents

General Help Guide
Creating an Account