For the 2016-2017 Regional and  State Tournaments Avogadro V.4 will be utilized.  This newly released upgrade to Avogadro provides many new features for coaches, participants and tournament organizers, along with a newly redesign user interface.

Quick Link: Avogadro

Avogadro Steps:

Step 1: Get V4 account (if needed, accounts do carry over from previous year): Avogadro
Step 2: Email Venitia once account is created, and she will grant you access to your tournament.
Step 3: Select Competing Events
Step 4: Enter student names for events NOTE: student accounts will enable students to see their own schedules
Step 5: Sign-up for Self-Schedule Events
Step 6 (Div C Only for State Tournament only): Select 23 of 28 events for Team Score

Important Note: Version 3 usernames DO NOT work with Version 4. Coaches who do not have a Version 4 username will need to register a new account on Avogadro.