Wristband Procedures for State Tournament

  1. All students participating in the State Tournament are REQUIRED to have a wristband for admittance and/or impounding to any events. All teams will be issued numbered wristbands. These numbers are kept on record.

  2. One coach from each team will receive one wristband. This identifies the coach who is the point of contact for the team. In the rare instance that an arbitration is filed, the coach with the wristband is the coach who files the arbitration and becomes a part of the arbitration process.

  3. Distribution of Wristbands. Wristbands are obtained by coaches at the Team/Coach Check-In on Friday during the Expo or Saturday morning before events start. Coaches, please plan your schedule accordingly so that you have time to get students their wristbands before they go to impound or early events.

  4. Notes on wearing of wristband. Wristbands MUST be worn on wrists, not ankles, knees, legs, fingers, ears …. Yes, we have seen students place them on their ears! Wristbands MUST NOT be removable. If a wristband is observed by a tournament official as removable, it may be confiscated. Replacement wristbands for torn or loose wristbands are gotten by contacting a YESS Team Member associated with the event. If a wristband is confiscated, the coach will be contacted and a process to assess the situation will be initiated to determine an appropriate resolution

  5. Types of wristbands. Each team participating at the State Tournament will receive the same number of Competing Wristbands as number of students on the submitted Team Roster. Competing teams may have beyond 15 team members to compete in Audit events. These students also need to be listed on the Team Roster and will receive an Audit Wristband. Students who are auditing an event and already have a Competing Wristband do not need an Audit Wristband. Exhibition teams will receive as many Competing Wristbands as number of students on the Team Roster (could be more than 15).

    Notes on Policies from National Science Olympiad: https://www.soinc.org/join/policies