Division B State Tournament Qualifying Teams
April 7, 8 2017

UPDATE 4-10:  Medals for 5th and 6th place for several events which were not distributed at the Awards Ceremony will be mailed later this week.

NOTE on Self-Scheduling: The time blocks for self-scheduling will be one-hour in length and will match the time time block of the other events.  However, Bottle Rocket will be run mostly in the morning, with the last time-block running from 1-1:30 pm.

Self-schedule will close at 5:00 pm on Friday, March 31st for all teams.

Event Details

Division B Schedule of Events (pdf) updated: 3-26-17
Pictures of Rooms updated: 3-26-17
Event Building Maps
Team Homerooms Updated 4-1-2017
Campus Map

Engelmann Hall Dimensions: 80' x 80' with a 20' ceiling
Hovercraft track pictures can be seen here.
Bottle Rocket:  Soda manufacturers have recently changed the size of the neck of their bottles. Please make sure the inner diameter of your bottle neck is still 2.2 cm, not the new reduced size of 2.1 cm. 2.1 cm necks will not fit on the launcher. The easiest way to test this is by sliding a piece of 1/2 inch PVC into the bottle. If it fits loosely, the bottle will go on the launcher. If the PVC sticks and you have to apply any force to slide the PVC in, the bottle will may not go on the launcher.



Team Qualification: Teams qualify for the 2016-2017 Wisconsin Science Olympiad State Tournament by meeting the following criteria:

Criterion 1: The Team must participate at a WSO Regional Tournament in their assigned geographic Region.
Criterion 2: Each Team must provide at least one (1) Regional Event Supervisor OR (1) Regional Event Volunteer.
Criterion 3: Multiple teams from schools that meet the other State Qualifying Criteria will be offered to compete as an Exhibition Team in which students will be eligible for individual medals at State. The number of teams to receive invites as Exhibition Teams is dependent on availability of space in the State Tournament schedule. Exhibition teams may also be limited in their event choices at the State Tournament.

Tournament Awards: Individual medals will be provided for the top 6 places in each event. Exhibition teams will be provided duplicate place medals. The top six teams (excluding Exhibition teams) will be awarded team trophies and coaches plaques.

Exhibition Teams: These teams can be thought of as an "Open" team. The individuals on these teams are eligible for awards, but the team score is not relevant. These teams can have any combination and numbers of 6th - 9th grade students. These teams can have any number of team members. However, there is a limited number of spaces in many events, so Exhibition Teams may be limited in their choices.

Multiple Teams from Schools Scheduling Note: All teams from a school must compete in the same time-slot for events, with the exception of the following events:

Bottle Rocket, Mission Possible, Scrambler, Towers, and Wright Stuff.

Note for Hovercraft, Exhibition Teams must participate after Competing Teams.

Students may participate on only one team.